Chinx Drugz Yay Press Vintage Spiked Denim Jacket

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The YAY Collection has all the essentials of urban street drip.

If you’re a fan of Chinx Drugz, Stack Bundles, French Montana, Max B, or the Coke Boys, the YAY brand is a must-have!

This signature New York City urban street brand has become a street-ware staple. Whether it’s the street hit YAY, I’m a Coke Boy, Feelings, or Dope House, Chinx can be heard screaming “YAY” on many of his anthems. The YAY collection serves to pay homage to the street grind and hustle of the #1 Coke Boy Chinx Drugz.

Check out the full collection and support keeping the legacy of a young legend that has departed too soon alive!  

Achieve a one of a kind look, stand out in the crowd with this exclusive one of a kind Christian Louboutin style denim spiked jacket. Jacket features stone washed vintage 80's look with spiked upper front, and back shoulders. The back of the jacket is pressed withe the Yay block monogram.

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