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Asics Gel 1986 - 2016 - 30 years Gel cushioning!

1986, a year full of important events and changes. It is the international year for the culture of peace. Michail Gorbatschow suggests the dismantling of nuclear weapons. The world premiere of the "Phantom of the Opera" took place in London. Boris Becker wins the tennis tournament Wimbledon for the first time. Rheinhold Messner was the first who has climbed all 14 eight thousanders. Carl Benz celebrates 100 years of petrol driven vehicle. Peter Maffay has his first stage performance in the GDR. The farm animal of the year is the Murnau-Werdenfelser cow and Manuel Neuer was born.
But let's get back to sneakers - in Japan the Gel-technology sees the light of the day. "It's big in Japan" now! 

With this ASICS set a milestone in the development of shoes. Never before a technology was created that was able to reduce impact and compressive forces to such a minimum. For this reason athlets have been preserved from rapid fatigue as well as getting injured and were able to achieve new best-performances.

Asics presents a special collection to duly celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gel- cushioning technology - the Asics Gel '30 years' Pack.
Included in the pack are the Asics Gel Lyte III, Gel-Lyte V and GT-Cool Xpress. All three silhouettes receive matching colourways, each featuring black uppers with blue accents, speckled midsoles and graphic patterns on the inner linings. That is what we call a successful anniversary!

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